Bc. Nikola Vršková


Ústav fyziologie 2. LF UK

Laboratory of Neuroglial Interactions

Pregraduální student

I`ve been intrested in science since high school, when I started working on the project for the Student`s Professional Activities on the topic of deoxyribozyme conformation analysis using computer simulations at the Faculty of Science of the Palacký University in Olomouc. In 2019, I was presenting this project at the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition, where I was awarded 1st place. In addition to that, I briefly worked in the Biomolecular Spectroscopy group at ÚOCHB as part of the Open Science CAS project.
At university, I was able to participate in a half-year internship at the Laboratory of Recombination and DNA Repair at Masaryk University in Brno, where I studied the role of the OGG1 protein in DNA repair mechanisms using the methods of molecular biology. Starting in 2022, I am a part of the Neuroglial Interactions group at the Department of Physiology, 2nd Faculty of Medicine.

Research interests

Currently I focus mainly on electrophysiology and the processing of recordings from long-term EEG monitoring as part of a project focused on the effect of epileptic activity on myelination in the FCD type II mouse model. In the future, I intend to focus on the mechanisms of etiopatogenesis of focal cortical dysplasia type I.