RNDr. Bohdana Hrušková, Ph.D.


Ústav fyziologie 2. LF UK

Laboratory of Neuroglial Interactions


With a foundation in molecular biology from Charles University, I investigated the cellular signaling during my diploma thesis, focusing on the interplay between inhibitory G protein-coupled receptors and G proteins. I then continued my PhD studies at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Academy of Sciences, where I explored inhibition and inhibitory receptors within the mammalian auditory pathway using in vivo electrophysiology and patch clamp. Currently, I am a member of the Laboratory of Neuroglial Department of Physiology, Second Faculty of Medicine, UK, where we are studying epilepsy and trying to unravel the changes in glial cell behavior that occur during this disease and their causes, in order to contribute to the elucidation of the pathogenesis of epilepsy.

Research interests

I am currently investigating the impact of epileptic seizures and somatic mutations within the mTOR signaling cascade on fundamental processes such as proliferation, oligodendrocyte lineage cell differentiation and myelination. Using techniques such as immunohistochemistry and electrophysiology and in vivo imaging, I aim to unravel the complex mechanisms underlying the disrupted patterns of myelination observed in epilepsy, ultimately contributing to a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of this disease and identifying potential therapeutic targets to mitigate its impact on neural circuits.